I love candy!

Have you ever dreamed of participating in the Sweet Adventure? You can play with cute Candy Girls, who love sweets more than her life. There are kingdoms where candies fly in the air. All you need is feed your passion, grab your skateboard and go-ahead for the sweet treasures. Their way lies through the three worlds: candy kingdom, sweet graveyard and pirates’ beach.

It's old school platform runner with carefully handcrafted levels and extremely beautiful graphics. Ride and jump over obstacles until you reached the finish!

Candy Skaters

action / adventure / runner Details Available on the App Store

submarine adventure

Puzzle / action / labyrinth Details Video

the biggest treasure which you can find

Welcome treasure hunter. Into the deepest deep, into the broken caverns and ancient towns where the richest treasure of forgotten gods was hidden . And only one can get it. Only one with strength hand and cold mind. Only one who is worthy of them. Come down brave-heart and get it.

Be careful. Depth watches you and wants to keep the secret.


We are happy to work on a graphic content this wonderful strategy game from VOLV Interactive. Hope that you, like us, love those brave guys, sounds diesel engine and the smell of burning oil ...

Call of victory

Multiplayer Strategy / wargame ©VOLV Interactive Details
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