Who we are

KELPIE Studio - is an idependent team of professional game developers. Our company is located in Ukraine and we have worked on game projects for more than 3 years. Our experience in mobile gaming sphere helps as keep in touch with best experts to solve non-standard and highly specialized tasks.

  • game design

    Сreate game-docs and concepts for your products.

  • Pre-production

    We create sketches and prototypes for future projects so we can estimate their prospects.

  • art

    Best Art on the market.

    Art is our pride and we don't hesitate to say so!

  • development

    We know how to carry our work through, that is why we know the importance of development and bugfixing.

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Gregory Kozhemyak

Art, characters, psychologist

Gregory is a person who creates the face of the company and we like that face. For many years Gregory has been creating hight-quality graphics, characters and concepts for our projects. No doubt it is the most peaceful and enlightened member of our team.

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Denys Poluyanov

3D, game design, management

Driving force of our team. Rich experience in managing complex projects with diverse structure and control methods helps Denys make the work of our team coordinated and accurate. His working with 3D and character animation skills, and art-directing experience makes his opinion valuable and authoritative for the crew.

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Yevgen Iliashchienko

Development & programming

We have been looking for Eugene for a long time. And we were lucky. Technologist, engineer, programmer, he faces the problems with all determination and confidence in success. Eugene makes all our artists’ dreams possible and make everything work stable.

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Lavreka Michail

UI/UX, technical design, icons

Michael works on designing interfaces. With many years of experience in this field Michael creates outstanding interfaces for our projects and our customers’ projects. Technical work with graphics is also his responsibility. Michael is the voice of our team. He represents our team and our projects in Web.

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